If you are like most patients with this disease, you are probably surfing the web looking for information. You've probably read conflicting accounts, scary descriptions of diseas progression, and you're probably still not even sure if what you have is Cancer!
Many patients are told that PMP is not curable, or are given false or inaccurate descriptions of the treatment options.
This blog will help you find accurate information about PMP. It will link you to patient support groups and non-profit organizations on the web, and will help you find a specialist who will give you a shot at a cure.
This is a curable disease!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Genetics of PMP

Many patients with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei wonder if there is a genetic predisposition to get this disease. It turns out this question has not been considered by researchers, perhaps because of the fact that it is not a very common disease. However, research on acute appendicitis does show that the risk of a child getting acute appendicitis increases 10 times if a first degree relative has had one. The correlation with second and third degree relatives also exists but at a lower rate. For more details, see the articles linked here.


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  • Because Someone I Love Has Cancer. A Kid's Activity Book. By American Cancer Association.
  • Fight Your Health Insurer and Win. By Laurie Todd

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